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Frequently Asked Questions!

Are these safe for color-treated hair?

Our infusions are made up of all natural fresh & dried fruits, vegetables and herbs. They are safe and not known to cause any harm to your hair or skin. (However, read our ingredient list on each infusion to be sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients used.)

How do you use them?

Using one of your favorite shampoos, conditioners or lotions, select an infusion, mix together and use your product as directed. You can also put our infusions into a spray bottle and use directly on your scalp or skin.

How do they work?

Our philosophy is simple - our infusions are full of vitamins & minerals and when applied directly, they nourish your hair & skin to create stronger, firmer, healthier results.

Which infusion is right for me?

All of our infusions are safe and effective and help with various skin & hair conditions - such as dry, brittle hair, breakage, dullness and many other issues. Based on our philosophy, we recommend that you change infusions as often as you can because the body always needs a variety of vitamins & minerals. 

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